Buffalo Island Museum receives World War II quilt

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
William Piercy, Fred Dowless and Earnestine Harrell.

Buffalo Island Museum in Monette was the recipient of a quilt made to honor area World War II veterans. The quilt was donated to the museum by Fred and Beverly Dowless.

Mr. and Mrs. Dowless have had the quilt for several years. Mrs. Dowless purchased it from the Hodges estate sale.

It is hand-quilted and the different blocks feature names of veterans.

One of the blocks on the veteran's quilt.

"We recognized several names but we don't know anything about when or who made the quilt," Mr. Dowless said. "We decided the museum would make a good home for it."

Earnestine Harrell and William Piercy, museum committee members, accepted the quilt which will be placed on display in the museum.

"We would love to know more about the quilt," Harrell said. "If anyone has information on the quilt's origin we would love to hear about it. I know sometimes senior citizen groups or quilting clubs would get together and make quilts as fundraisers. Sometimes different quilters would make the different blocks. We don't know about this one but it is a beautiful quilt and the colors are still very bright. It is obvious it was made as a tribute to our veterans."

If anyone has information on the quilt they can contact Mrs. Harrell at (870) 486-5479. She also invites people to drop by and visit the museum and see the quilt and the other interesting items on exhibit at the museum.

Names embroidered on the blocks of the quilt are Gene Finley, Tom Knight (Cpl.), (OW) Ansel Reves, Sgt. Paul Masner, Jak Ezell, Ben Anderson, Jas. Burr, G.D. Wolf, Cpl. Carl Moore, Calum Waher, Sgt. R.W. Slayton, J.P. Milligan, James Barrow, Pvt. Lilliford Ray, S 2/3 Buddy Fletcher, Alvis Hodges, Charles Walter Earnest Barnes, W.T. Mays, Jack J. Milligan, Frank Smart, Cpl. Gleen Reves, J.P. Milligan, Melvin Holloway, Bernice Hawkins, Howerton Milligan, Paul Shaw, Pfc. Ernest Fletcher, S2/c John E. Collins, Silas Ellis, Jr., Henry Lee Pierce, Pvt. Alvin Slayton, E.E. Wright, Grayson Branch, Dean Walter, T.W. Baxley S1/c, Sgt. W.D. Pierce, Pfc Dean turner, Raymond Bailey 51/c, Cpl. Billy Robertson, J.W. Baxley \S1/c, and Cpl. Carl. D. Masre.

Each block of the quilt has a Veteran's name embroidered.

Harrell said the quilt will also make a nice display addition to the upcoming quilt show being planned at Buffalo Island Museum from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 28.

"We welcome anyone to enter quilts in the annual quilt show," Harrell said. "We will have different divisions for new quilts, old quilts, artistic quilts, baby quilts, hand-quilted, machine quilted, and more. Certificates will be awarded in the different divisions. Quilts entered do not have to be made by the person entering the quilts. They can be passed down or made by family or friends. We are hoping to have some quilters on hand to offer tips on the art of quilting. The judging is all done by people's choice."

The quilts can be brought to the museum on Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. before the quilt show. The museum is open on Wednesdays. Arrangements to drop them off at another time can be made by calling Harrell or Donna Rolland at (870) 486-2516.

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