Farm Bureau Resolutions Committee discusses issues

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mississippi county Farm Bureau held its annual Resolutions committee meeting at the Northeast Research and Extension Center in Keiser on Tuesday, Aug. 13. Farm Bureau Vice President John Tipton welcomed everyone, recognized guests and introduced Randy Veach, Farm Bureau State President.

Winners of the drawings at the Mississippi County Farm Bureau Resolution Meeting.

Veach spoke on the importance of the Resolution process. He expressed his appreciation for the good turnout in Mississippi County.

"Your resolutions will be taken to the state and national level," Veach said. "This process gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions and put them into motion. Many of your resolutions will become law not only at the state level but the national level. You can make a difference at the county, state and national level."

Veach touched on some of the state and national issues including the importance of water usage in agriculture; copper theft laws; getting a farm bill in place with permanent law with safety nets for the southern agriculture industry as well as for Arkansas agriculture.

A barbecue luncheon was prepared and served by Mark Horton and Mike Cartlett and staff.

Committee members met with chairmen Todd Edwards, cotton; John Weiss, soybeans; Mike Sullivan, rice; Brandon Veach, Wheat and feed grains; Nathan Sanders, national affairs; Randy Reynolds, state affairs; Dino Pirani, local affairs; Steve Metheny, research and Extension.

The executive board will review all resolutions submitted on Wed. Aug. 21. If the resolutions are adopted at the annual meeting, they will be forwarded to the Arkasnas Farm Bureau for further consideration.

Following the meetings three guns, courtesy of Home Oil, were given away. Winners were John Edwards, Raymond Henard and Jeanette Woodward McDougal. Ms. McDougal , 78, said she is a member of the gun owners of America and plans to take lessons.

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