Lake City May and June Yards of the Month

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Danny and Debbie Dunigan


The Lake City home of Danny and Debbie Dunigan was chosen as the "Yard of the Month" for May. The Dunigans built their home in 2007.

Danny retired from teaching this year after 40 years. He still works with his brother, Eddie, in the crop consulting business. Debbie is also a teacher and will begin her 25th year in the fall.

The Dunigans have worked very hard on their landscaping in the past years. Some of the plants in their yard are lilies, dwarf nandinas, junipers, Japanese holly, fountain grass and elephant ears. They've also planted many trees that are Japanese maples and red maples.

Danny works extra hard on the grass he raised from seeds. He said the main ingredient to the beautiful lawn is water and fertilizer.

Len B. and Tonya Nall and daughter, DeLaney.

The Dunigans have enjoyed their new home and living in Lake City the last six years.


The yard of the Month for June is the Len B. and Tonya Nall residence. They also have a daughter DeLaney. The Nalls are a long-time farm family in Lake City. Len B. followed in his father's footsteps in the farming business. His father was the late Larry Nall.

In the past years they were also the Craighead county Farm family of the Year.

Tonya teaches school in the Riverside District and Len B. serves on the Board of Education.

DeLaney will be in the seventh grade and is looking forward to being a cheerleader.

Len B. did the landscaping himself for their home built in 2005 by the late Lynn smith. There are many different plants that have been used. Some of the plants are spiral evergreen trees, weeping willows, fountain grass, boxwoods, hostas, monkey grass, purple smoke bushes, purple clematis, barberries, red-tip photenias, and ivy. He also planted many oak trees throughout the yard.

When the Nalls are not busy with farming they enjoy their home at Hickory Lane.

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