Lake City Council approves purchase and residence variance request

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan presented several price quotes on lawn mowers at the July 15 meeting. Mayor Milligan requested the council approve the purchase of a lawn mower of the council's choice when needed.

Mayor Milligan hopes to be able to wait for the availability of GIF funds later in the year.

The Council voted unanimously to allow the mayor to purchase a 72" Badboy XP Outlaw Kawasaki 31 HP lawn mower for $8,199 from Cox Implement Co. as needed.

Following the approval of minutes and review of the financial report, Council members were informed the Street Aid Program for the City had been approved. The length of Catfish Drive from Highway 18 south to the city limits will be paved by a grant received from the Arkansas Highway Department.

Councilman Harold Barker presented a recommendation to the Council to allow Johnny Pendegraft of 1101 Franklin Street, a 6 ft. variance to add on to his existing carport. A motion was made by Alderman Danny Dunigan and seconded by Alderman Linda Stone to allow the requested 6 ft. variance needed. Motion was accepted and approved by all members present.

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