Patsy Kirskey Ross publishes "High Cotton"

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Patsy Kirksey Ross

Author Patsy Kirksey Ross was born and raised at Leachville, the fourth daughter of Johnie and Birdie Kirskey. Ross recently published her second book, "High Cotton," memories of two little girls (Patsy Kirskey Ross and Gayle Kirksey Jetton) growing up on a 40 acre farm in Northeast Arkansas in the 1940 and 1950 era.

In her book she has included pictures of her family and memories of how they laughed and cried, played together and worked on the farm with their parents.

"I included six of Gayle's Memory Stories, some of which have been published in the Town Crier," Ross said. "Gayle spent many hours researching our family history and scanned many old pictures that helped me create "High Cotton."

High Cotton

Ross plans to attend the Leachville 100 year celebration in 2016 and hopes to have a book signing at that time. She will also have available the first book she self-published in October 2012, entitled "Hideaway."

Hideaway is a book of fiction she wrote and stashed away for years before publishing it with the help of her husband, J.W. Ross, who also grew up at Leachville.

"Without his help and expertise, I could never have published either book," she said.

Hideaway is available on in paperback and also as e-book.

Both books can be viewed and purchased online through or on her website: or by contacting her at 208 Pitts Drive, Columbiana, Ala. 35051.

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