Sisters create mural

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Bunch sisters paint mural.

Three of the Bunch sisters, Carolyn Bill of Manila, Minnie Bourland of Fairfield, Calif., and Sherry Pratt of Manila, enjoyed creating a mural painting on the garage door at the country home of Chester Ashabranner.

Sherry retired a few years ago and moved back to her hometown of Manila. She purchased the former Carpenter's Hardware building on Boston Street and is turning it into what she calls "her playhouse."

She painted a tree mural on the outside of the building and Mr. Ashabranner liked it and asked her about painting one his garage door.

"He asked us last year but Carolyn had to have surgeries and undergo chemotherapy treatments so we put it off," Sherry said. "Our sister Minnie was coming in for a visit and it was a good time for us to get together and do the project. We had so much fun working on it. We reminisced about the days we spent growing up in the cotton fields all around us."

Sherry said Minnie has been painting for 35 years. Her paintings have been on exhibition in San Francisco and many other places. Carolyn followed Minnie and both paint a lot in oils.

"They have wanted to teach me to paint and now that I have time I am going to give it a try," Sherry said.

The sisters used acrylic paint for the garage door and they had to work with the grooves which took them a little longer. It took six days to finish the project but Sherry said it was a fun six days.

Some of Minine's art work is on display in Sherry's building. The building will soon be ready for painting, quilting, antiquing, upholstery, sewing, wood work, and other projects they plan to do in the playhouse.

Sherry's son renovated the bathroom with arches and crown molding all around. Her brother is adding cabinets and a kitchen area for a break room, easels and paints are in place, and Sherry painted and stenciled the concrete floor giving it a beautiful finish. There is a separate room for cutting wood.

If there is a request they may have art lessons or quilting groups in the future.

"We don't pretend to know it all, but we can learn from each other," Sherry said. "One thing about it, we will have fun trying. If my car is there, stop by, come in and look around. There will be some sort of project underway."

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