Manila City Council discusses rates for pool

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Manila City Council met Wednesday morning discussing swimming pool rates, walking trail grant, airport terminal building, Relay Night at the ball park, Liz Shaneyfelt drop-in, and approved a reappointment on the Housing Authority Board.

Council members present included Larry "Whiz" Davis, Linda Donovan, Donnie Wagner, Jason Baltimore and Tony Hawkins.

Mayor Wayne Wagner said it is time to start thinking about the hours and rates for the swimming pool. Suggestions on pool rates and rentals included $4 for tickets and $150 to rent half the pool and $300 for all of the pool. Suggested hours included 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for open swimming with private party hours from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The inside therapeutic pool will be separate and will probably be available for private parties in the evenings and winter.

"We have already had some calls wanting to book the pool for parties," Mayor Wagner said. "We are going to try several ways to utilize the pool. We are talking about a women's only night or/and morning, using the deck for boot camp, exercise programs, or other ways to let as many citizens as possible use the pool. Starting in July people can call city hall about booking parties."

Wagner said there are 14 certified lifeguards, four boys and 10 girls. The team leaders will make $8 an hour and others, including concession workers, will make $7.50 per hour. The lifeguards can also rotate in the concession stand giving them a break.

Mayor Wagner updated the council on the walking trail. The city is in the process of acquiring a 80/20 grant in the amount of $98,000. The 8' wide walking/running trail will go around the park/pool area.

Mayor Wagner said bids are out for construction of a new terminal building at the airport. It will feature a 20'x28' conference room that can be used by organizations for meetings. Bids will be opened June 26 and the building will be located in front of the present terminal building.

In other business:

*Mayor Wagner announced the Relay for Life Night at the Park was successful with umpires and workers donating their night's pay, along with the gate money, to the Buffalo Island Relay for Life. They raised $678 and hope to make Relay for Life Night at the Park an annual event.

*Mayor Wagner said the drop-in for Liz Shaneyfelt on Monday night was a deserving honor for the years of service she and Doctor Shaneyfelt have given to the community. A marker will be placed along the walking track in their honor. Wagner said he is going to speak to the senior class coming up and hope they will be interested in placing their name along the walkway making a tradition each senior class will follow.

*The council voted unanimously to reappoint Wayne Shedd to the Housing Authority Board.

*Mayor Wagner said Wes Wagner, city attorney, is working on ordinances for the placement of mobile homes and apartment zoning.

*The trash can ordinance will be ready for the July meeting, making the use of trash cans mandatory. Henry Ford, water/sewer superintendent, also asks all residents place trash in sacks before putting in the cans.

*Mayor Wagner also reminded the council that at some point they will have to address a rate increase on water/sewer. The city received a letter from Rural Water about the low rates.

"We can't keep on like we are," Mayor Wagner said. "Somewhere down the road we will have to have a new truck. We had both in the shop last week."

"It is my understanding we cannot expect to get grants if we don't raise our rates," Councilman Hawkins said.

*Councilwoman Donovan asked the council to look into rules and regulations about having a city-wide farmers market/yard sale maybe two times a year. She suggested the city provide a place.

*Councilman Hawkins asked about the paving of streets by the school. Mayor Wagner said he had been told when Delta Asphalt comes to the airport to work they will pave Olympia Street.

"We have been waiting on this a long time," Hawkins said. "If they don't want to do the job, we need to look somewhere else."

*Mayor Wagner said a special meeting in July should be held to discuss bonuses/salary increases when the council gets back from the municipal league meeting.

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