Manila School Board fills positions

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Manila School Board accepted resignations and filled several positions at a special called session Tuesday, June 4.

Following executive session, the board voted unanimously to accept the resignations of high school teachers, Megan Priest, Katherine Ramsey, Brandon Burgess, Trent Floyd and Ann Wells. They also accepted the resignation of Melba Sherrod, custodian.

President Dan Robbins read a letter from Mr. Floyd thanking the board for allowing him to be part of Manila District. Coach Floyd accepted a position of assistant football coach at Gosnell.

Robbins then read a letter from Ms. Wells who has taught in the Manila District for over 40 years.

"I have known Ann Wells for 60 years," President Robbins said. "She has been a big part of this school. She has made a difference in thousands of young people's lives. I would like to say Manila's doors are always open to Mrs. Wells. She is welcome to come here and help with the students and the teachers as she has done for the last 43 years."

"I want to make a motion that we as a board commend Ann Wells for her service to the school and the community," Board member Brandon Veach said.

His motion was seconded and wholeheartedly passed by all school board members.

Manila Superintendent Pam Castor recommended the hiring of several staff members.

The board approved 7-0 hiring Kendra Roddy as a kindergarten teacher; Jeff Goff as middle school teacher; transferring Jimmie Puckett from middle school to high school; hiring Sharon Hamilton as high school science teacher; Christina Barrentine as high school math teacher; Joshua Miller 7-12 math teacher; and Jason Belcher as baseball coach, teacher and assistant football coach.

The board approved giving Ms. Castor the authority to add additional contract days for instructors involved in the additional roll over for East Lab.

The board then reviewed and voted to accept several proposed policies.

Most had only small changes/additions to the existing policies.

Ms. Castor said student medication was covered last year and has an existing policy; others included just a small addition or deletion of wording in the existing policies.

More policies will be reviewed and decided on at the next regular meeting.

Ms. Castor asked the board to review the policies concerning the student acceleration policy for grades K-8; purchase of commodities (from vendors); and the public use of buildings at the next meeting.

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