Bridge gives visitors access to new observation site at Big Lake

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Bridge opened at Big Lake.

A one lane bridge over Ditch 28 called "Muck Ditch," has been completed and is now open to the public. The bridge is the second phase of the improvement project at Big Lake.

The bridge will take visitors to a wooden walkway and observation deck overlooking Mud Slough area and Baker's Island. The new area at the walkway has ample parking and is universal accessible.

Jeremy Bennett, Big Lake Wildlife Management manager, said the 150 foot boardwalk leads to the observation deck. It is a great place to take pictures.

They are also developing a foot traffic trail called the Mud Slough Trail. There will be places where visitors can fish off the trail, take pictures, enjoy the wildlife. They will be adding two gates at the start and end of the walking trail. The trail will be graveled and is 1.8 miles around. The trail is open to the public and Bennett encourages everyone to come out and see what is across the new bridge.

"It is a view of the lake you can't see while driving by," Bennett said. "The view is the south end of Little Greed. The walking trail will give people the opportunity to walk for exercise and see nature. "

Fishing will be allowed from the bridge but vehicles to have the right of way.

It has been decades since the public could cross the ditch at this spot off Highway 18. The old bridge that was there was substandard and even the refuge equipment could not be taken across.

Bennett encourages anyone who enjoys nature, walking, photography, and wildlife to take a walk around the new trail or just sit on the observation deck and enjoy.

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