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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dora Biggerstaff of Leachville shared this photograph of her son's cat, Chaz. Chaz was very happy to see his master, Robert Harris, return after an 18 month tour with the Navy in the Persian Gulf in the early 1990s. Robert served on the USS LaSalle.

"This is one of my favorite pictures," Biggerstaff said. "You can almost see how proud Chaz is to have Robert home."

Robert served in the Navy for 12 years and then traveled with President Bill Clinton for four years serving as an electronic technician. Robert lives in Washington D.C. and is an electronic technician with the National Public Radio (NPR).

Biggerstaff said Chaz lived a long life.

"The photograph seemed suitable for Memorial Day as we remember our men and women who served in the military and the sacrifices they made," Biggerstaff said.

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