MissCo library system offers ebooks

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Mississippi County Library System is now offering ebooks. The added service will allow citizens to check out electronic books for free.

"Ebooks are printed material in electronic format that people can download to their tablets such as iPad, Kindle, or Nook as well as their smart phones both android and iPhone," Kevin Barron, assistant director of the Mississippi County Library System, said. "There are 50,000 people in Mississippi County and we want to reach them all. We see our readers moving toward a more digital format so we are as well."

The Library System is hoping that the addition of ebooks will help them reach younger readers as well as those readers that don't use the library because they prefer to read books on electronic devices.

"It gives our patrons more access to our libraries," Barron said. "We want the citizens of Mississippi County to have 24/7 access to our services."

There are just a few simple steps to access the ebooks. The first is get a library card. Citizens can get a library card by stopping in at any of the Mississippi County Library System locations in Blytheville, Osceola, Keiser, Wilson, Luxora, Manila or Leachville. The second step is to set up a pin number.

"Setting up a pin number is really quick and easy. You just call or stop by one of the libraries and they will scan your library card and you give them a four digit pin number for your account," Barron said. "The pin number can be anything you want but needs to be something easy for you to remember. I suggest using your birth year or atm number."

Getting a library card and pin number will not only allow citizens to search the library's ebook site http://ebookconnection.lib.overdrive.com but will also allow them to search the county library's electronic card catalog mcls.ipac.sirsidynix.net.

"Step three is simple, just start searching," Barron said. "Once on the ebook site enter your library card number and pin number then start browsing the books available. If you are looking at our electronic card catalog it will show whether or not the book you are looking for is available in electronic format."

The Mississippi County Library System is part of a consortium with surrounding libraries so readers will have access to the ebooks those libraries provide as well. Barron said the Mississippi County Library system will keep adding ebooks mostly from best selling authors but citizens should feel free to request books they would like to see added.

The final step in checking out an ebook is downloading it. Once a citizen downloads an ebook book it will stay on their device for two weeks then disappear.

"It will leave your device or be checked back in after two weeks," Barron said. "You can renew the book to keep it longer as long as no one else has requested it. Call your local library and ask about training and your local librarian will help you learn to download the ebooks."

Barron went on to say training sessions will be held at libraries throughout the county depending on the number of citizens interested in learning how to download the ebooks.

"This is a very exciting service for us," Barons said. "Anyone with a Kindle, Nook or iPad knows that ebooks cost money and we are so happy that we will be able to offer them free to our citizens as part of our services. We hope it is something they enjoy and we can continue to add to in years to come."


Tony Meyer of Blytheville checks out and ebook from the Blytheville Public Library using a Nook. (photo provided)


Ebooks are now available at the Mississippi County Library System here are the steps to downloading them:

1.Go to http://ebookconnection.lib.overdrive.com/

2. Enter your library card number.

3. Enter your four digit PIN number (call any Mississippi County Library to set up PIN number).

4. Select a book and download it to the device (iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, laptop or tablet).

5. Enjoy! The book will stay on the device for two weeks.

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