Massey brothers show off catch

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Massey brothers, Landon (left) and his brother Aiden, had a good week at the lake catching a total of 50 head.

Brothers Landon and Aiden Massey had a good week of fishing stating with the fishing rodeo at Mallard Youth Lake on Saturday, April 27. They caught 18 of their 50 head of channel catfish on Saturday. They returned on May 2 and caught 19 fish which weighed between two to five pounds each. The largest ones weighed seven to 10 pounds.

Landon, 8, and Aiden, 7, enjoy being part of the Cub Scouting program in Manila and fishing. They are the sons of Shane Massey.

Shane has always enjoyed fishing and he is passing his love of the sport down to his children. The boys gave credit to their older sister, Sadie, 9, who was in on catching the 50.

They are not selfish with their fish as they shared their good fishing fortune with others who were having less luck.

They plan to go back every chance they get.

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