Caraway residents publishes first children's book

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Edna Shadowens of Caraway has written, illustrated and had published a children's book entitled "Autumn Leaves & Christmas Trees."

Edna Shawdowens and her first published children's book entitled Autumn Leaves and Christmas Trees.

The target age for the book is 3-8 years. It is written in rhyme and the illustrations are in color. A second book, entitled "Grandmother, What Did You Do?" will be published in late summer.

Shadowens is a 71-year old grandmother who has always loved to read and read to her children and grandchildren. She and her husband John live in Caraway where he preaches for the Caraway Church of Christ.

Mrs. Shadowens was born in rural middle Tennessee. She worked in banking for 25 years after high school. Mr. and Mrs. Shadowens lived in Caraway in the 1980s when she decided to go to college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro and earned a Bachelor of Science in Education. She was 43 when she started to college and graduated at the age of 47. She then taught secondary English in Tennessee and Arkansas and adult education.

They returned to Caraway several years ago.

"We always loved Caraway and were happy to return," she said. "There are so many good people here. It is like home to us."

She was always writing stories for her children and grandchildren and she actually wrote Autumn Leaves & Christmas Trees in 1992 when her older grandchildren were young. She has four grandchildren and when she wrote the book the older ones were children and the younger ones were not born yet.

"I tried to get the book published years ago but it didn't happen," she said. "My son, Larry, lives in Little Rock and he took it with him. It was in his closet for 10 years, almost forgotten. He said he meant to have it published a decade ago."

The book reappeared and Mrs. Shadowens said they were not sure how many to publish but finally decided on 100.

"I was happy when the first 100 sold in two weeks," she said. "We had another 200 printed and I have 90 of those left. It has really been fun. My son took care of all of the detail even creating a character logo for of Edna's Books."

The publisher of her book is Micro Business Publications, Inc. of Little Rock. She is currently trying to get her book distributed in Barnes and Noble and Cracker Barrel.

Mrs. Shadowens has shared the book with a local kindergarten teacher who has read it to her class and used the rhyme words as a lesson.

For more information on Mrs. Shadowens books or to order a book, her email address is

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