4-H team holds petting zoo at BIC Elementary

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
BIC members of the Craighead County 4-H Jr. Livestock Club conducted a petting zoo at the Buffalo Island Central West Elementary.

A petting zoo at Buffalo Island Central West Elementary, organized and led by Craighead County 4-H Livestock Club members, was held Monday, April 22.

They shared four cattle, four ducks, four chickens, two goats, a lamb, a rabbit, a horse, and a dog with over 200 students.

We appreciate everyone who donated their animals and time giving the students the opportunity to see and pet the animals.

April Finch said the project was part of the Craighead County 4-H Junior Livestock Club. Local members from BIC manned the petting zoo, donated their animals and time. The Junior Livestock Club is growing there is over 80 members county-wide.

"This was our first one and it was an experimental project," Finch said. "We are hoping to expand the project and make it an annual event at different schools. We don't realize how many children in this area do not have the opportunity to see true livestock up close.

"We appreciate everyone who donated their animals and time," Brittany Carwell, Craighead County Extension agent, said.

For more information on the 4-H program persons can contact Carwell at 870-933-4565, 919-6141 or 933-4568 or follow the activities on facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/Craigheadcounty4H/.

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