Manila Council rejects parking lot bids

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Manila City Council members met in a special called meeting Monday, April 8, to discuss bids for the parking lot and new street around the swimming pool/water park under construction.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner informed the council the bids for the paving of the parking lot and the new street came in higher than the city's expected cost. After talking to David Hopkins, architect for the project, Wagner's recommendation was to reject all the bids and bid it out in phases.

"We can look at concrete versus asphalt and I think we can still get it done in time," Mayor Wagner said. "David will put together bid packages for the parking lot in phases."

The city had $150,000 put back for the parking lot.

Councilman Dale Murphy asked if the parking lot will be done before the street.

Mayor Wagner said the parking lot would come first and then the city could look into using funds from the street account.

The council voted to reject the bids and go with bidding the parking lot project in phases.

Mayor Wagner discussed the new ball field at the park which is being sponsored in part by Southworth.

"It is coming along good," he said. "We have a new clinic and a new bank coming in west of town," he said. "We have applied for grants to help develop the west part of town."

Mayor Wager said the city is moving forward with a drawing for the grant application for a new terminal building at the municipal airport.

"Whiz (Councilman Larry Davis) has got the radio for the airport," Mayor Wagner said.

There will be a fly-in at the airport for small aircraft scheduled for May 18. Rain date will be June 1.

Mayor Wagner reminded the citizens of the April clean-up effort underway.

"Maybe we can get some church groups involved with young people helping some of our senior citizens," he said. "If anyone has big items or anything hauled to the transfer station they can call City Hall during the month of April and city workers will pick it up. We just need to know where."

The city is also looking into purchasing a speaker system for the park.

Mayor Wagner is working with some local residents on developing a promotional DVD for the city and creating a song for Manila.

Council heard a request from a resident about moving her mobile home to another property she owns. Mayor Wagner said she submitted a letter with no objections from the neighbors. He also pointed out it is not rental property, it is her home. It will have to meet the set back/property requirements.

The council approved the request.

Councilman Wagner asked for an update on the new proposed zoning ordinances.

Mayor Wagner said they are working on it.

"There is a lot involved," Mayor Wagner said. "I've learned through the process several cities our size are trying to establish zoning ordinances."

The regular meeting will be held Monday, April 15.

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