Manila residents may purchase additional trash can

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Manila heard an update on the trash can project at the March meeting with Mayor Wayne Wagner expressing his appreciate to the citizens for stepping up and purchasing the large trash cans.

"The trash can sale has gone well," Mayor Wagner said. "Some people need an additional trash can. If no one has any objection I am for allowing Manila citizens to purchase a second one at the same price. We can order more if we need to."

The trash cans can be purchased for $60 or residents can add an additional $5 on their water bill for 12 months. The city will deliver the trash cans.

"At some point we will have to make a decision on making the trash cans mandatory," Mayor Wagner said. "If we use the tipper on the truck which will help our workers, everyone will need to have a compatible trash can."

The council members had no objection to allowing residents to purchase an additional trash can from the city if needed.

Council members present were Larry "Whiz" Davis, Linda Donovan, Donnie Wagner, and Dale Murphy.

Mayor Wagner also gave the council an update on the swimming pool informing the council the blocks should be in within a week and work can start on the bath house.

"The therapeutic pool is larger than I thought it would be," Wagner said.

Mayor Wagner said he had several applications for jobs and there would be a need for 12 to 16 part-time workers. Paragould will start life guard training in April. Life guards must be at least 16 years old and concession workers must be at least 14 years old.

Mayor Wagner said it is time for people who purchased trees to let them know what they want on the plaques. The plaques will have three lines and will be made by McHaney Monuments. The large trees are $138 which includes the plaques with a family name, or a name in memory of a friend or family member or even a pet. Anyone interested in purchasing a tree can call Carla at city hall.

Larry Miller with the Manila Beautification committee talked about landscaping in front of the community center and around the future street that will go around the pool.

Councilman Davis commended everyone for the work they are doing and expressed his appreciation for the loan of the tree spade.

Mayor Wagner also thanked the Master Gardeners for their help with the design.

"It is time to pick out the plaques for the trees," Mayor Wagner said. "I am going to talk to the senior class and see if they want to purchase a tree for their class. I think it would be great tradition to start with senior classes purchasing a tree every year."

Mayor Wagner said the pool is coming along.

"I really appreciate the job everyone is doing," he said. "Billy Yarbro and Billy Denton are doing a very good job."

Councilman Davis asked for an update on the 911 house numbers.

"It is important to our ambulance and emergency services," Councilman Davis said.

Mayor Wagner said David Lendennie is working on it.

"He has been in Manila at least five days," Mayor Wagner said. "He should be getting close to a map recommendation."

"We do have a problem here and we will end up losing someone if we don't get our house numbers corrected," Chief of Police Jackie Hill said.

In other business:

*The council voted unanimously for a tax back resolution for Southworth Inc. in Manila.

*Mayor Wagner updated the council on the renovation of the Van Halfacre building with a recycling grant. The building has been empty since 1998. The building belongs to Manila. Wagner said once the building is renovated, hopefully, the city can get a small factory.

*The council discussed a tentative date of June 25 for a dedication ceremony for the swimming pool.

*Mayor Wagner asked the council to approve the destruction of the 2005 files. The council agreed. Two council members will be appointed to be present while the files are destroyed.

*Mayor Wagner said the bids for the parking lot area at the swimming pool will be opened in April.

*Mayor Wagner said he and Councilman Davis went to Kennett airport to see their terminal building. Their building is very attractive. He said Manila has applied for an 80/20 grant for a new terminal building. He said they would want something that would blend in with the community center."

*The Council also voted 4-0 to purchase a radio system for the terminal for an estimated cost of $1,200. Councilman Davis said if a new terminal building is approved, the system can be moved to it.

*Councilman Wagner asked about the street work on Olympia. The council accepted the bids a year ago. Mayor Wagner said they had assured him they will do Manila's first when they fire up in May.

*Mayor Wagner said there has been some termite damage at the community center and it will have to be repaired. He and the council also agreed to adjust the door and repair the windows as needed.

*Councilman Donovan said the Senior Center is doing well. She said they had 120 families participate in the senior citizen food bank.

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