Lift'n Buddy becomes part of the Southworth International Group

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Southworth International Group has acquired a small start-up company located in Fargo, N.D.

Brian McNamara, president of Southworth, demonstrates how easy the Lift/n Buddy, operates. Southworth International Group recently acquired a new company, Lift'n Buddy out of Fargo, North Dakota. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

The name of the company will be Lift'n Buddy and it will operate as a separate division of Southworth International Group very much like Southworth Products and Presto Lifts do.

Brian McNamara, president and CEO of Southworth International, said the Lift'n Buddy has the look, feel and idea mobility feature of a two-wheel hand truck but delivers powered lifting through a mechanical actuator. Two-wheel hand trucks are used everywhere and an exciting percentage of them really should have the capability of powered lifting.

"Now we can provide factories, warehouses, stores, garden centers, museums, etc., with a product they can all use," McNamara said. "The Lift'n Buddy will lift up to 500 pounds and is easy to use."

Lift-n Buddy was originally introduced in 2011. It received numerous innovation awards including some very prestigious ones such as Edison and the Wall Street Journal Technology Award. It is currently a finalist for the Better Mousetrap annual recognition.

The product was developed by Aaron and Nikki Lamb along with Doug Snyder.

"Aaron and Nikki will continue to operate Lift'n Buddy out of their current office in Fargo," McNamara said.

Although Southworth Products will not be directly involved, the Lift'n Buddy sales team will gain instant access to the well developed and Southworth trained distribution system. Steve Albert will head up the program.

"Internally, Lift'n Buddy will be optimized for production by our Design Optimization group.

Southworth Products Corp. is the world's largest manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning, designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for worker injuries.

Southworth was founded in 1890. Southworth, headquartered in Portland, Maine, located a small manufacturing facility in Manila in 1979. Presently Southworth has three facilities in Northeast Arkansas, two in Manila and one in Leachville.

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