Leachville homeowners voice opposition to annexation

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Leachville City Council heard responses from area homeowners as to the council's proposed annexation plans when the council met Thursday, March 7.

Twelve guests were present to voice their opposition to the council's proposed annexation plans northward to the Arkansas/Missouri state line.

Their comments included their choice to live outside the city in order to avoid city ordinance restrictions on agriculture, farm animals, parking mobile homes or large trucks on their property, burning trash, skeet shooting, use of fireworks, and freedom for their pets. Visitors also expressed concerns about future changes in ordinance restrictions as city leadership changes.

"We have not done anything about annexation yet, but agree we need to do something in order to grow," Mayor Sheila Spurlock said. ""Everything we do is based on population. We are looking at all the possibilities right now. We plan to hold some public meetings on this and to get input from all those involved before we finalize our decision."

"The City of Leachville will get $17 in State municipal aid funds for each person inside the city limits," city clerk Ruth Ann Keith said. "We just want to grow and find ways to add revenue to the city."

The council agreed to hold a working meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, March 18, at city hall to discuss annexation plans. Alderman David Wallace was approved as Annexation Committee Chairman.

Michael Webster of Webster's Enterprises addressed the council concerning his desire to purchase property from the Leachville Industrial Development Committee.

"I have two properties in mind," Webster said. "I need little or no utilities for the storage units."

"You will need to attend a meeting of the LIDC," Alderman David Wallace said. "I'm sure they will be willing to work with you on this, as they are always looking to bring new business into the city."

The city discussed the relocation of city funds currently located at Southern Bank, which plans to close its establishment in Leachville in May.

"You need to use whichever banking establishment will make the most money for us," Wallace said. "Preferably a bank in the Northeast Arkansas area."

The council approved the purchase of three new tires for the Street Department Mac truck priced at $385 each. The council also approved the state bid purchase of a new Chevrolet two-door, extended cab, four-wheel drive truck for $22,083. Delivery is expected from six weeks to two months.

The council approved the repair or replacement of controls on three Water Department pumps, at an estimated cost of under $2,000, plus a two-year service agreement on all city fire hydrants.

Mayor Spurlock announced the purchase of three lots east of city hall from Rodney Robertson for $19,000.

Leachville firemen responded to one house fire and over 30 medical calls during the month of February.

The council approved a $700 bid from Pioneer Cleaning for cleaning floors and carpet at the Melody Theatre.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 7 p.m. Monday, April 8, at city hall.

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