Six is a lot of kids

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cute is the word to describe a set of sextuplets born Feb. 24 on Joni Cagle's GGG (Gracie's Goat Galaxy) Hobby Farm, located near Cardwell, just inside the Missouri Bootheel. The farm welcomed six adorable kids (baby goats).

Summer Winstead and daughters, Sunney, Gracie, Abbigail, are proud of the new kids on the GGG Hobby Farm.

Cagle's goal in her hobby farm was to purchase show goats for three nearby granddaughters, Gracie, Sunney and Abbigail, to care for and to show in 4-H and at local fairs. All three girls have a love for animals.

Cagle got more than she bargained for when she purchased Heavenly Springs Abbey (the mother of the sextuplets) from Janet Nysewander in Donovan, Mo., on Oct. 23 -- though she knew Abbey had triplets in July of last year. Cagle took home Abbey and two of her doelings -- one for each granddaughter.

She did not know that Abbey, part Nigerian dwarf (62.5 percent) and part Nubian (37.5 percent) was expecting at the time. She would never have guessed the goat would have nine viable births in seven months.

Abbey is a first generation Nubian. She is registered with the MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association) and granddaughter to Permanent Grand Champion Olson Acres SS King Arthur. She was raised and bred at Heavenly Springs Farms in Green Castle, Ind., owned by Heather Perkins. Ezeikel, sire of the sextuplets, also came from Heavenly Springs Farms.

The babies weighed from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds each, three bucklings and three doelings.

Sisters show off baby goats.

Four generations, Louise Cagle, Joni Cagle, Summer Winsted and her daughters, were on the hobby farm for the event.

"It was quite an experience for all of us," Cagle said.

They named the females Rusty (2.5 pounds), Monkey (1.5 pounds) and Itsy Bitsy (2.2 pounds). The males are Flag (2.25 pounds), CottonTop (2.25 pounds) and Sergeant (3.5 pounds).

"We feed our goats ADM Goat Power," Cagle said. "It has minerals and vitamins that Abbey needed, and I am glad I did. Maybe that helped those babies arrive healthy."

Cagle also has other goats. She started out with two milk goats, but was getting more milk than they could drink, so started making goat soap.

GGG Farms Goat Soap has been a hobby, but one she enjoys. She has goat soap in scents including Cranberry Mandarin, Japanese Cherry Blossom, plain oatmeal/honey and even a chocolate cocoa. Those interested in trying her soaps may call (870) 450-4713.

Cagle's hobby farm is growing. She has dogs, cats, two roosters and now a herd of goats. She said she will have to part with a couple of her miniature dachshunds and some of her goats, but right now is enjoying watching the babies as they grow.

Cagle had no idea what Heavenly Springs Abbey would bring to her hobby farm. Sextuplets are very rare.

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