Manila City Council approves fly-in at the Manila Airport

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Manila City Council heard a request from Benny Marr with the Pilots Association to hold the first annual Big Lake fly-in for light aircraft at the Manila Airport. He addressed the council at the regular February meeting held on Thursday evening.

Marr said it will give the city a chance to showcase what a nice airport Manila has and the community the opportunity to visit with pilots and see the small aircraft throughout the day. He said he expects pilots from all over the state and the surrounding states to participate in the event. The date is May 18 starting at 7 a.m.

They discussed vendors, helicopter rides, breakfast and lunch provided as a fundraiser by local groups, safety issues, involving the local fire, police and ambulance services, and other activities throughout the day.

"I believe it can be a great day," Marr said. "It is a family day filled with food, fun and fellowship."

All members of the council, Dale Murphy, Jason Baltimore, Donnie Wagner, Linda Donovan, Larry "Whiz" Davis, and Tony Hawkins, were present and there were no objections to the fly-in.

Mayor Wayne Wagner asked Marr to work with Councilman Davis getting the event coordinated.

Councilman Davis said there is presently no radio communications at the airport. The council discussed looking into borrowing one for the event or looking into purchasing one for the airport.

The council discussed final plans for the swimming pool and decided to go with a slip-resistant, spray-on type floor instead of paint around the therapeutic pool.

"They are still telling me the pool will be finished by the first of June," Mayor Wagner said. "The slides will not be here until later."

Councilman Hawkins said he would like to commend Billy Yarbro for the help he has been on the project.

The council set a tentative pool dedication date on June 25.

"We want to have a nice ceremony to dedicate our pool," Mayor Wagner said. "You (the council members) have worked hard on this project. I appreciate you and the community for the support. It is coming together."

Mayor Wagner said he was pleased to announced that 851 trash cans have been purchased by Manila citizens voluntarily.

"We only lack 270 having all residents with meters," Mayor Wagner said. "Our sanitation men can start using the tipper on the truck in the new future making their job safer. We appreciate the citizens who voluntarily purchased the trash cans. If anyone wants us to pick up the old trash bins, they can call city hall and we will do so. We also will deliver the new trash cans to anyone who wants them. They can purchase the cans for $60 one time payment or have $5 a month for a year on their water bills. These are 96 gallon trash cans. Citizens can purchase them at a store of their choice but I don't think they will find them any cheaper."

The city will have a city-wide cleanup through the month of April. Mayor Wagner said residents can put any items by the streets and it will be picked up at no charge throughout the month.

Mayor Wagner updated the council on a recent meeting he had with area builders. He asked Councilmen Wagner, Hawkins and Davis if they would set up a meeting with Bobby Walton and Junior Wise to represent the builders to get ideas on what they feel will be fair to all of our builders and to promote growth in the city.

"We want to look at ways we can help local builders," Mayor Wagner said. "Together you can come up with ideas to bring back to the council."

The council voted unanimously to give $500 in advertising to the Buffalo Island Relay for Life 2013.

Mayor Wagner informed the council that David Lendennie has been in Manila with maps working on correcting house numbers.

"We need to get it all in order," Council Davis said.

"My 911 emergency number is 10 miles away from my house," Councilman Hawkins said. "We do need to get it numbers in order."

The council went into executive session to discuss personnel for the city park and pool director.

Mayor Wagner wants to get the word out to anyone over 14 who wants to work concession; anyone 16 and over wanting to be a lifeguard; or anyone interested in the director of parks and recreation position to get their application in at city Hall.

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