Leachville Council proposes annexation

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In a meeting Tuesday night, Feb. 12, the Leachville City Council voted to pursue several properties for annexation and drew closer to coordinating physical city addresses with 911 listings.

After a lengthy discussion, the council voted 4-0 to continue plans for annexation to the city. New alderman Tommy Stone abstained from voting.

The proposed property annexation will include: property west of the entrance on South Main Street, to the Craighead/Mississippi County line, and east to County Road 121; property east along Highway 77 to Poplar Corner, and property north on Highway 119 to the Arkansas/Missiouri state line. This will include one-half mile back on either side of the highways.

Mayor Sheila Spurlock displayed the aerial map received from David Lendennie, coordinator of Mississippi County Office of Emergency Services. The map reveals the 911 addresses for each residence and business in the City of Leachville. The council has been working for several years to synchronize the actual house numbers on city properties with the 911 numbering system. The city will review the map and work toward coordinating the listings as a matter of public safety and concern.

Council members accepted a quote of $1,200 from John Deere to repair and overhaul a 1998 model lawnmower owned by the city. Repairs also will be made to flagpoles at the city cemetery.

The council passed a resolution 4-0 to waive the bidding process in order to purchase a new truck for the street department. Alderman Stone again abstained from voting. The council budgeted $22,800 for the purchase of a half-ton, two-door, four-wheel-drive truck and is reviewing state bids for possible purchase.

Aldermen voted to purchase four new tires and do alignment for the Fire Department's rescue truck. Fire Chief Mark Johnson estimated the cost of tires at $140 each.

The council voted to continue temporary employment of Cody Hogan until he turns 18 on March 1. They then will consider part-time or full-time employment.

Council members voted 4-1 to pass a moratorium preventing placement of mobile homes in the city while the proposed mobile home ordinance is being considered for passage. Stone voted against the moratorium.

"According to state law we are required to designate one area for mobile homes," said councilman David Wallace. "We need to look for something that is fair across the board. All people have a right to have an affordable home. Perhaps we can have a special meeting to work this out. We can lay out our city maps and review state regulations and guidelines."

Wallace agreed to chair a review committee and meet with the council at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 25, at city hall.

In a discussion of theatre chairs, it was noted Sammy Williams will pay $6 each for 60 leftover newer chair models and $2 each for 40 wooden older chairs. This will leave 260 wooden chairs still for sale.

Karen Wallace has agreed to serve as chairman of the City Beautification Committee. She has planned several projects plus selection of Christmas light winners.

Mayor Spurlock announced the closing of Southern Bank's Leachville branch on May 10. The building will be for sale. Area interest rates will be reviewed for transfer of city funds currently at the bank.

The council passed resolution 2013-3 to apply for a $15,000 Arkansas Rural Community 50/50 matching grant for improvements to the Fire Department. Council members authorized Mayor Spurlock to negotiate the purchase price of four lots belonging to Rodney Robertson, east of the fire station.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be at 7 p.m. March 11 at city hall.

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