Butterfly quilt for the Butterfly House

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dorthy Crouch of Manila used her quilt making talents to create a butterfly quilt to be donated to the Butterfly House. The Butterfly House will be a faith-based treatment facility to help women working to overcome addictions. Several fund-raising events, including an auction/dinner, 5k run, and cookbook sales, have been held to benefit the Butterfly House.

Dorthy Crouch creates Butterfly quilt for the Butterfly Hosue

Mrs. Crouch has been making quilts for almost 70 of her 88 years. Her mother was a quilter and she inherited her talents for making quilts. The butterfly quilt was something she wanted to do. She did not put any stipulations on what to be done with it.

"They can use it any way they want to," Mrs. Crouch said. "If they want to auction it, sell tickets on it or just use it at the Butterfly House it is okay with me. I want them to use to however it will benefit the most."

She said she felt like the Lord was just telling her to do this quilt for the Butterfly House.

"I had a large butterfly pattern I liked but it was too large," she said. "My grandson's wife cut the pattern down for me and it turned out perfect."

Mrs. Crouch grew up in the Leachville area in a large family.

"In those days they quilted by hand using quilting frames," she said. "Growing up, we always had plenty of good, warm quilts."

Mrs. Crouch started making her own quilts after she married and started her family. She is the mother of seven children and she has made lots of quilts through the years.

Today, she makes the tops and has the quilting done by machine.

She has made many embroidered quilts for her family. Today her quilt making is a hobby and her family reaps the benefits. She is making and has made baby quilts for great-grandchildren.

"I am thankful my hands still work for me," she said.

Mrs. Crouch said she enjoys going to the senior center in Manila and exercising every day.

"We have a good time there and it keeps us active," she said. "I like to stay active. I enjoyed making the butterfly quilt and I hope it helps."

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