Shari Doty says goodbye to MNC

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Shari Doty was honored with a reception as her co-workers from MNC wished her well in her new position as Administrator of Twin Oaks Health and Rehab.

Shari Doty, administrator at Manila Nursing Center, said goodbye to the staff, residents, and friends on Friday afternoon. She will be assuming the duties of administrator at Twin Oaks Health & Rehab in Jonesboro.

Doty has been part of the Reliance Health Care family for 10 years. Reliance owns seven nursing centers in northeast Arkansas - Manila, Lakeside, Heritage Square, Home Town, Twin Oaks, Ridgecrest, and St. Elizabeth.

Doty has served as administrator at the Manila Nursing Center for over nine years. It was her first administration position.

MNC resident Ricky Palmer thanks Shari Doty for her years of service at Manila Nursing Center.

Doty said when she was asked to come to Manila, it was going to be for four to six weeks.

"I came, I fell in love with residents and the staff and four weeks lasted over nine years," Doty said. "It has been a pleasure to be here but it is time for me to go home. I will miss everyone here."

Vincent Grant, director of operations for Reliance, was on hand for Doty's reception and praised the work she has done at Manila Nursing Center.

"I have known Shari for a while," Grant said. "Once you meet her, you know her. She is the same every time you see her. No one could ask for more than she has done for this home. We could not ask for better. It has been named best in state for three years.

"The nursing home business is very regulated. Federal and State tears up nursing homes. Manila has received many awards and is a great nursing home. Shari was the right person to come to Manila and did a wonderful job.

"Now be glad for her as she will take her next home to the level of this one. She knows her job. We are glad she took this position and Manila will always be her home, also."

Doty said she came to thank everyone and say goodbye.

"I am 7.9 miles from my house to work," she said. "I have loved my time here and I will miss you all. This is a great place full of love."

Doty said Reliance continues to grow because they do things the right way.

Vicki Hobeck, staff member, wrote a special song for the occasion and dedicated it to Shari.

A special cake made by Julie Johnson was inscribed with "You Will Be Missed," and was served to the staff and guests.

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