Manila High School sends their love to Sandy Hook

Saturday, December 29, 2012
Manila High School students collect teddy bears to send to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Manila High School Students started gathering teddy bears and signing cards to send to Connecticut to the students at Sandy Hook Elementary who recently suffered a tragic school shooting.

Manila teacher Debra Lee heard a report from a mother of one of the victims of the Westside School shooting talk about receiving teddy bears from all over the world and how she shared them with children.

"We want every child from Sandy Hook Elementary to receive a teddy bear with a note letting them know our thoughts and prayers are with them," Lee said. "We put the word out and our students and teachers responded. We are going to take the teddy bears and cards we have collected to Jonesboro to be sent with the ones being collected there."

One teddy bear's note from a Manila high school student read, "This Teddy Bear is special to me because my Grandmother gave her to me before she died. Fill her with love, she is special. I hope she brings you comfort as she has me."

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