Manila School Board facilities committee meets

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Manila School Board Facilities Committee met Tuesday afternoon to discuss possible future construction plans.

The committee is made up of Board President Danny Robbins, Board members Tracey Reinhart and Tommy Wagner, and Superintendent Pam Castor. The committee was appointed by the board at the December meeting.

The group discussed meeting with county officials to discuss growth potentials, looking into what millage will bring in, meeting with a facility person from the governor's office to know what could be approved.

"It comes down to the dollars and cents," Wagner said. "We need to see what is out there and look at any pilot programs that would be to the advantage of our students on the high school and collegiate level."

Castor said the career site at Arkansas Northeastern College is expanding and certainly they should look at all of the opportunities to get input from the county, state and all programs.

"This is an exploratory committee," Wagner said. "We want to have all of the information available to go to the other board members and the community with what we discover. If we see we are making a mistake and the district would be better off to do no construction right now, I will be the first to say so."

They are looking into potential growth of the district as well as comparing renovation and building on site or looking at land to build a new high school facility in a different location.

Wagner commented they do not want to be landlocked in 10 or 20 years.

Reinhart asked about sending information and questionnaires out to the parents to get their input. He suggested this be done in January.

"We want the community to know we are interested in hearing their comments," Reinhart said.

"We are gathering information," Robbins said. "We want to hear what the citizens have to say. We want to look at all of the funding possibilities for a new high school."

Castor said she would contact the other board members and let them know the committee has met. They plan to meet again after Christmas.

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