Former Manila graduate visits VCY

Saturday, December 8, 2012
Pictured are, from left: Lindsey Owens, former Manila High School graduate David Owens, and their friends from Guatemala, Rene Marroquin, Diego Marroquin, and Paulina Marroquin. (photo provided)

Former Manila graduate, David Owens, his wife, Lindsey, and their friends from Guatamala were special guests at Manila High School VCY meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Owens are missionaries in Guatemala.

"Our ministry is focused around discipleship, specifically empowering local Guatemalans to carry out the Great Commission in their own communities and culture," David said. "We believe the local people will be able to reach many more people and share more about Jesus Christ and His teachers than we will ever be able to do. We disciple the local Guatemalans and then release them into their own culture to make more disciples. We pray this would make a generational change and will organically lead to a changed nation for our Lord, Jesus Christ."

David graduated from Manila High School in 2006.

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