Riverside East and West DARE students graduate

Friday, December 7, 2012

Riverside East and West fifth grade students were recognized Friday, Nov. 30, at the 2012 DARE graduation. It was the first graduation for new DARE Officer Deputy Jamey Carter with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department. Deputy Carter welcomed students, teachers and parents.

Pictured are, from left: Leisa Couch, Craighead County Eastern District clerk; bicycle winner Breanna Jordan; and Dare Officer Jamey Carter.

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) is a 10-week program designed for youth to be educated on making good decisions. They learned about peer pressure, bullying, and the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

"We have had a great time at Riverside and I appreciate the teachers and the students for their hard work," Deputy Carter said.

Deputy Carter introduced Lesia Couch, Craighead County Eastern District deputy clerk; Garland Tipton, Craighead County Eastern District deputy sheriff; Craighead County Sheriff-Elect Marty Boyd; and Wanda Shasteen, who has been working with DARE for many years and will be leaving the Lake City office. This is Shasteen's last graduation to participate in.

Riverside DARE essay winners from each classroom are, from left: Grace Powell, Katie Towery, Lexie Butler and Tiffany Fultcher.

The students participate in an essay contest and take a final test.

Deputy Carter presented certificates to each of the graduates.

The essay winner qualifiers were announced with the winner from each fifth grade classroom - Lexie Butler, Tiffany Fultcher, Katie Towery and Grace Powell, the over all winner who received an IPod Shuffel.

Two students from each campus were recognized as Outstanding Dare students. They were Autumn Courtney, Dakota Boatman, Jaden Schoolfield and Ashlyn Cook. Ashlyn and Autumn won the drawing for the DARE stuffed bears.

Each year one classroom is chosen to receive a trophy for the year and this year's winner on the East campus was Beverly Booth's fifth grade and Mrs. Black's fifth grade on the West campus.

A bicycle donated by Leisa Couch was given away. To qualify for the bicycle students had to make 100 percent on the final test and if they made 105 with the bonus point their name was placed in the drawing twice. Four students from Riverside West qualified for the bicycle give-a-way, Breanna Jordan, Damario Bowers, Alexis Butler and Lexie Hall. The winner of the bicycle was Breanna.

CC's in Jonesboro donated the pizza, Pepsi donated the sodas, WalMart on Parker Street donated the cake, and Medic I donated the DARE shirts.

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