Lake City Council works through busy agenda

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mayor Jon Milligan presided at the Nov. 26 Lake City Council meeting with Aldermen Harold Barker, Tommy Eakins, Ann Davis, Jeffery Wisham, Danny Dunigan and Brenda Hutcheson present. Also present was Linda Simpson, city clerk.

Guests present were Tyrone Koons, Steve Chamness, and Cameron Tate.

Mayor Milligan introduced Koons who addressed the council on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Koons explained it is a new organization being formed at Riverside School and he would like to have the city partner with and/or be involved with the program. Koons has worked in the Juvenile correction System and offered staggering statistics of drug abuse and experimentation among youth in grades 6-12.

Council members were very receptive to the new organization and offered any assistance needed.

Mayor Milligan presented the council with the monthly financial report for review. Several items were discussed.

City Clerk Simpson read Ordinance No. 264-12, and Ordinance Amending No. 241-10, an Ordinance establishing an employee handbook for the city of Lake City, Ark. This ordinance added these sections: Unlawful discrimination and harassment policy, page 1; Prohibited conduct defined, page 2; Complaint reporting and investigation, Page 3; Authority to hire, page 4; and Authority to fire, page 5. A motion was made by Alderman Dunigan and seconded by Alderman Hutcheson to accept Ordinance No. 264-12. The Ordinance and emergency clause were passed unanimously.

City Clerk Linda Simpson tread a second ordinance, No. 263-12, 2011 Arkansas Energy Code, An Ordinance Providing Minimum Energy Standards for the Design of New buildings and structures or portions and additions to existing buildings that provide facilities or shelter for public assembly, education, business, mercantile, institutional, storage, and residential occupancies, as well as those portions of factory and industrial occupancies designed primarily for human occupancy by regulating their exterior envelopes and the selection of their HVAC, service water heating, electrical distribution and illuminating systems and equipment for effective use of energy. The Ordinance and Emergency Clause were accepted unanimously.

Mayor Milligan presented the council with a copy of the Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan for the city of Lake City. The Council approved the plan unanimously.

Mayor Milligan asked the council to review the 2013 proposed budget. A motion was made by Alderman Hutcheson and seconded by Alderman Davis to accept the proposed budged. The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Milligan asked the Council to consider giving the three or four volunteer fire responders a one-time appreciation bonus of $250. The fire responders do not receive any reimbursements for fire runs at any time during the year. The council voted unanimously to give the onetime bonus.

Mayor Milligan asked the council to consider giving Lake City Volunteer Fire Chief Chris Snyder a one-time appreciation bonus.

"Chris has done a good job as Fire chief and should be rewarded for his many hours of dedication and hard work," Mayor Milligan said.

The council voted unanimously to give Chief Snyder a one-time appreciation bonus of $350.

Aldermen Barker and Dunigan had expressed complaints about Dedman Sanitation Service. They said after contacting the service and asking that the trucks not leave garbage and residue on the streets of the city, this still remains a problem. The drivers are not complying with the requests that have been made by the city and its residents. Both Aldermen requested a registered letter be sent to Mr. Dedman and immediate action be taken in resolving this problem of dumping trash on the streets.

Mayor Milligan made several announcements of upcoming events.

Dec. 8:

Santa on the fire truck at 9 a.m.

Grand Opening Shooters Porch, 11 a.m., Cobean Blvd., St. Frances Plaza.

Christmas Parade, lineup 5 p.m. parade 6 p.m. Hot dogs and prizes and pictures with Santa at the fire station after the parade.

Dec. 13:

Employee Christmas party, Elementary School Cafeteria.

Dec. 17:

Christmas Light Judging; first place $100; second place $75; and third place $50.

The next regular scheduled meeting will be held at 3 p.m. on Dec. 27 at Lake City City hall.

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