Paul Vitale guest at MHS

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Paul Vitale, professional speaker and author, presented Manila High School with a plaque. Accepting the plaque are Robin Baugher, principal, and Mary Smith, FCCLA Adviser.

Paul Vitale, well known author and professional speaker, was the guest at Manila High School for the fifth consecutive year.

He shared his program "A Hero Within: Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders."

Vitale thanked Manila School and Kathy Turner from Crowley Ridge Educational Co-op who, along with Operation MHS sponsors the event.

Vitale presented Principal Robin Baugher and Mary Smith with a plaque for the school district naming Manila as a champion school.

"I am happy to be here," Vitale said. "This is my fifth year. It really started right here in Manila with the hero program. This was one of my first schools. I am glad you are here."

He encouraged the students to do their best and to focus.

"There are many young people in the world who would like to trade places with you," Vitale said. "You are the next generation of leaders," he said."

He shared five points with the students in his program.

1. Dare to dream courageously.

2. Establish a Course of Action.

3. Empower others to imagine.

4. Unite a common bond.

5. Be resilient like none others.

He shared with the students they can do whatever they want. He encouraged them to not give up on themselves and always be resilient.

He told the students to respect their name. It represents them everywhere they go.

"You have to set yourself up for success," he said. "You have to do the work."

He used a video with successful, well-known people asking the students their opinions of each.

He finished the program by encouraging the students to never give up on themselves; to inspire each other; and to remember they can do and be whatever they want.

Following the assembly he met with the junior and senior students.

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