Monette Library Plans Food Drive

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Display shows foods to be collected during food drive.

During November and December Kohn Memorial Public Library is holding a food drive to help the folks in their community during the holiday season. Specifically, they are collecting jars of peanut butter and jelly. Branch Librarian Lisa Whitehead said it's important this time of year to help neighbors in the area.

Donations collected over the two months will be donated to Buffalo Island Better Life Experience. "This organization provides backpacks for kids to take food home and also donates to the senior citizens who live in the housing authority," Whitehead said. "We fill 35 backpacks a week. We pack the backpacks so kids can have food for the weekend. We pack enough that the kids will have a meal on Friday night, three meals on Saturday and three meals on Sunday," said Barbara Suber of the Monette Housing Authority. Those backpacks go to children at BIC West Elementary.

Suber said she was pleasantly surprised when Whitehead told her about the idea of a drive like this one. "This is just absolutely wonderful that someone in the community would think of us and offer something like this to us," said Suber. She said people generously donate to the program already, but there is an extra need during the holiday season.

Whitehead said each time people donate a jar of jelly or peanut butter they can put their name in a drawing that will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 12. "Our local grocery store, Farmers Market, has generously donated a $20 gift certificate for a prize drawing," said Whitehead. The drive will end right before the kids get out of school for their winter holiday, which consists of two weeks away from school. Suber said that will give her plenty of time to get the backpacks with the extra donations ready for the kids."Anytime there is a holiday or an extra long weekend we try to send more with them. We make sure they get what they need," said Suber.

Suber said persons wishing to donate but can't come to the library, located at 103 South Edmonds Street in Monette, can always make donations at the BIBLE office at the Monette Housing Authority at 429 South Williams Avenue. Persons with questions can contact the Kohn Memorial Public Library at 870-486-2515.

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