Running/walking for the Butterfly House

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The second annual Harvest 5K run/walk to benefit the Butterfly House, a recovery home for women, was held Saturday at the Adams Estate in Leachville. Tina Adams welcomed everyone and expressed her appreciation to all of the participants. She and her sons led the race for the 110 participants.

The run is on

Runners and walkers of all ages from 5 to 70 participated. Jeremy and Jennifer Jackson, and J.P. and Christie Baugher registered participants.

Several two and three generation family members took part in the fundraising event.

The overall winner and first to cross the finish line was Jacob Walker with a 19:11 time. He was running in the 20-29 age division. In the female division Jessica Weiss running in the 13-15 age division was the overall female runner with a time of 22:33.

The top 12 overall finishers were Walker; Chris Cone 19:36; Matthew may 20:58; Noah Churchill 21:10; Caleb Reinhart 21:18; Steve Cobb 21:18; Frankie Jones 21:25; Curtis hit 22:23; Jessica Weiss 22:33; David Sowell 22:37; Steven Milligan 22:40; Brandi Parkinson 22:47.

The top five in each age division were:


Overall -- Jessica Weiss.

0-9 year old -- Anna Baugher, first; Anna Adams, second; Emma Jackson, third; Makayla Milligan, fourth; Ariel Haynes, fifth.

10-12 year old -- Sophia Copelin, first; Emily Weiss, second; Sasha Pannells, third; Alissa Delong, fourth; Grace Wilkins, fifth.

13-15 year old -- Jordyn Wheeler, first; Jasmine Murphy, second; Kailen Shelton, third; McKenzie Shedd, fourth; Ashley Delong, fifth.

20-29 year old -- Cassie Roe, first; Jessica Wise, second; Stephanie Shelton, third, Kimberly Perez, fourth; Ashley Salomon, fifth.

30-39 year old -- Brandi Parkinson, first; Laura Weiss, second; Nianna Cobb, third, Sarah Gamble, fourth; Kristen Stutts fifth.

40-49 year old -- Kimberly Hollister, first; Tina Eaker, second; Gia Taylor, third; Scottie Reinhart, fourth; Sheri Lenderman, fifth.

50-59 year old -- Mary Smith, first; Cherryl Bassing, second.

60-100 year old -- Judy Cobb, first; Carol Lammers, second; Ethelia Bebout, third; Dianne Sparks, fourth; Jane Lindsey, fifth.

Male Division:

Overall -- Jacob Walker.

0-9 year old -- Connor Jackson, first; Camden Wallace second; Connor Milligan third; Spencer Stutts, fourth; Oscar Aguilar fifth.

10-12 year old --- Joel Burrow, first; Payton Spence, second.

13-15 year old -- Matthew May, first; Caleb Reinhart, second; Bradey Woodall, third; Jeremiah May, fourth; Nick Stiles, fifth.

16-19 year old -- Tyler Sowell, first place.

20-29 year old -- Frankie Jones, first place.

30-39 year old -- Noah Churchill, first; Steven Milligan, second; Chris Booker, third; Michael Foster, fourth; Josue Perez, fifth.

40-49 year old -- Chris Cone, first; Steve Cobb, second; Curtis Hitt, third; Michael Adcock, fourth; Freddy Gentry, fifth.

50-59 year old -- David Sowell, first; Dan ring, second; Mike Jennings, third; Tim Bassing, fourth; Craig Wheeler, fifth.

60-100 year old -- Carl Imler, first; Jim Holland, second; Jim McInturff, third; Tommy Towles, fourth.

(See more 5K run/walk pictures on the photo gallery)

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