BIC Robotics to Compete at ASU

Friday, October 26, 2012
Braden Drury, a sixth grader at BIC East, explains his robot design tot he members of the BIC Robotics display team.

For the seventh year in a row, BIC Robotics hopes to keep its winning streak alive. They have been fortunate enough to win either the BEST Award or the robotic competition, which has allowed them the opportunity to compete at the regionals in Ft. Smith. But this year the team has turned to its youngest member for inspiration. Braden Drury, a sixth grader at BIC East, has used his legos and K-nex to build a working prototype for this year's competition.

It seems only natural that Braden be a part of this year's team. For the Drury family, robotics seems to have taken over their lives from September to January each year. His older brother Trevor was a member of the construction team in 2008-2011. Trevor is currently a student at Harding University, where he is majoring in engineering. His other brother Hunter was a driver in last year's competition and works on the construction team. His parents, Jacky and Judy Drury, serve as mentors for the team, helping to supervise the building of the robot and the display.

The competition will take place at the Convocation Center in Jonesboro on October 27.

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