Bettye McCollum honored for 36 years of service

Friday, October 26, 2012
Bettye McCollum (center) was congratulated on her 36 years of service by Marla Layne and Genevieve Lane.

Bettye McCollum, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Monette Manor, was honored with a retirement reception Monday, Oct. 15.

Marla Layne, Monette Manor administrator, worked in the office when the home opened in May 1975 as Lanes Nursing Home. Mrs. Layne remembers when Bettye applied at Lanes Nursing Home and started to work Aug. 27, 1976.

"Bettye worked until Aug. 31, 1976 and quit saying she just didn't think she could handle the job," Marla said. "She came back on Sept. 15, 1976, and has done the job for 36 years. It takes a special person to work 36 years, day in and day out giving skilled and loving care to the elderly. Bettye has been available to work all hours and never missed a day of work unless she was sick."

Ms. McCollum has one son, Michael, whom she is very devoted to. They enjoy going to the car races together.

She is very loyal to her church work and enjoys her church family. Ms. McCollum has volunteered her time for years to play the piano on Friday mornings for devotion time sponsored by the Methodist Church, which is led by Jerry Reed. She also plays the piano at church.

"Cliff and I thought a lot of Bettye," Genevieve Lane, owner of Lane Nursing Home, said. "She was very dedicated and we appreciate all she did for Lane Nursing Home."

Anita Mason, co-worker, said the third shift will not find anyone more dedicated.

Bettye was presented a plaque from Monette Manor in recognition of her 36 years, pictures of activities, along with a spot for the day's reception, a check for $300 and yellow roses.

"Bettye, we love you and you will be missed by the staff and residents of Monette Manor," Mrs. Layne said.

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