Boys and Ghouls Together

Monday, October 8, 2012

Manila junior and senior play, Boys and Ghouls Together, will be presented for the public at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12, in the high school auditorium. Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for children.

Cast of the Manila junior and senior play.

The three act play will delight the audience as Dracula's grandson and Frankenstein's granddaughter try to find a suitable monster to marry their lovely daughter Dirga.

The monsters are dying out in Europe so the Draculas invite a group of young Americans into their castle hoping to find a suitable boy. They think they have succeeded when a young Henry Ford is with the group. Unfortunately, he is already engaged, so the Draculas must figure out a way to capture young Ford's heart.

With a little help from a potion, the butler Model S and Granny's magic, they succeed "sort of."

Strange things are happening at the Dracula's castle and the cast invites everyone to come and enjoy the production.

The cast includes: Michael Edwards, The Count; Scout Smith, Letha; Jessica Amick, Dirga; Spencer Smith, Granny; JT Shotwell, Model S; Kirsten Adcock, Fritzi Washburn; Shaun Scoggins, Buddy Ford; Kristen Wise, Barbara Ames; Landon Woody, Eddie Connors; Shelby Wallace, Isobel Connors; Lindsey Carter, Evelyn Robinson; Ashton Hale, Merry Bean; Makenna Baker, Nancy Brown; Taylor Teague, Frau Hubschmidt; Tanner Platz, The Magnificent Marvelini; Silus Ruddick, clock/stage manager; Anthony Benham, sound effects; Anthony Benham, Robert Pierce, Silus Ruddick, and Andrew Stone, stage crew.

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