Monette Council passes mobile home ordinance

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Monette City Council met in special session on Thursday, Oct. 4, to discuss the newly proposed Manufactured Home Ordinance.

Mayor Chub Qualls asked City Clerk Vickki Carroll to read Ordinance 2012-4, an ordinance establishing requirements for the location and safety of manufactured homes within the city limits of Monette.

The ordinance defines manufactured homes as any vehicle, mobile home, or trailer intended for human habitation, but does not include recreational vehicles such as portable popup or camper trailers.

The manufactured home is required to have underpinning material installed around the base of the home, and be permanently anchored to the ground. Off-road parking must be provided for a minimum of two vehicles, using chat, gravel concrete, or asphalt.

A building permit must be obtained for placement and be inspected by planning commission or building inspector.

No manufactured home shall be over five years of age, or less than 720 square feet.

Homes shall be titled in the name of the property owner where the manufactured home will be placed, and be the permanent residence of the owner, and owner occupied, and not be for any type of rental property.

The new ordinance does not affect manufactured homes currently existing in the city, only to new settings and requests.

Persons found out of compliance with ordinance will be fined not less than $25 and no more than $1,000 per day.

The council declared it an emergency and placed the ordinance on the third and final reading. The ordinance was passed unanimously, and will be in effect immediately.

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