Quilt show displays 65 quilts

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Ernestine Harrell with the Buffalo Island Museum Committee presented the $100 prize to Clayton Vernon.

The second annual Quilt Show at the Buffalo Island Museum was a complete success. There were over 100 visitors at museum Saturday, Sept. 22, to see the 65 quilts on display.

Every person who entered a quilt received a certificate and had their name in for prize drawings. The main prize of $100 was won by Clayton Vernon.

Visitors who gave a $1 donation to the museum had their name submitted for a drawing of a quilt that was hand-quilted by Bertha Sparkman. The winner of the quilt was Judy Birdno.

Ernestine Harrell presentes the quilt to Judy Birdno, winner of the drawing at the second annual Buffalo Island Museum Quilt show.

Every visitor received ballots to vote for their favorite quilt in the different categories and first, second, and third place ribbons were awarded in each category.

The winners were: Quilts of Age -- first and second place Verna Lou Harrell, third place Janet Rolland; Hand-quilted awards -- first place Jane Border, second place Beatrice Burnett, third place Anyllue Qualls; Art Quilts -- first place Ernestine Harrell, second place Madonna Plunkett, third place Jane Border; Machine Quilted -- first and second place Marion Sparkman, third place Judy Birdno; Baby Quilts -- first and second place Betty Thompson, third place Jamie Rolland.

"The Buffalo Island Museum wants to thank all who participated in letting us exhibit their quilts and telling the stories about them," Donna Rolland said. "One quilt was copied from a relative's quilt that survived the Civil War when the owner hid the quilt under the smokehouse to keep it from the Yankee soldiers. There was a quilt made from tobacco pouches and there were quilts with names of classmates of years gone by, hand-embroidered quilts, and quilts with original designs.

"We also want to thank Gregg Funeral Home for supplying the certificates and ink pens."

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