Contract signed for new swimming pool project

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Manila's Dunkin-Wall Swimming Pool was the topic of the Monday, Sept. 18, council meeting. The council approved signing the contract with Olympus Construction. Olympus submitted the lowest bid for the project on Aug. 30. All bids came in over the $2.6 million budget and the mayor, council and architects have been working with the construction company on ways to get the project within budget.

Manila officials approve contract for the swimming pool project. Pictured are, from left: Steve Hale, Olympus Construction; Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner; Will Andrews with ETC Engineers and Architects; David Hopkins with Landmark Engineers; and Council members Dale Murphy and Jason Baltimore. Back -- Councilman Tony Hawkins.

Some of the cuts include moving the inside therapeutic pool to the same location as the swimming pool. It will be housed on one end of the bathhouse that will service the outside facility. Other changes include shingle roofing instead of metal roofing; canvas covered pavilions; changing the fence; waiting on signs, and using a less expensive finish on inside blocks. Mayor Wagner and the council again agreed they did not want to cut back on the swimming pool, slides, or the children's playground pool.

The original plans were bid from Olympus at $3,025,000. With the changes so far, the pool cost is down to $1,963,555. This estimate did not include the addition of the therapeutic pool.

The meeting started at 4 p.m. with city officials, representative of Olympus Construction Steve Hale, Mark Reed with Memphis Pool, representatives of the electrical and plumbing subcontractors, David Hopkins with Landmark Inc., and Will Andrews with ETC Engineers and Architects present.

Mayor Wayne Wagner asked what is needed from the city such as electrical outlets, water access, etc. to get construction of the project underway.

Wagner informed the contractors the area has some very skilled workers and companies.

"We know it is your decision but we would appreciate any consideration for our local workers," Mayor Wagner said.

Mr. Hale, along with Mr. Reed and the others, asked for a list of services and workers available in the area.

"Do you or your subcontractors see any problems with the completion date (May 2013)?" Mayor Wagner asked.

"I am not saying it can't be done," Mr. Hale said. "We have no control on the weather. I have some concerns about the temperatures with no summer construction."

"We are reasonable people," Mayor Wagner said. "If the weather, an act of God, keeps you from working, you will not hear a word from us but if we see two pretty weeks with no work being done that would be a different story."

Councilman Donnie Wagner asked if the project was within budget.

"If it is in budget, we need to let the engineer and the construction people go to work," Councilman Wagner said.

Mayor Wagner said if the council decides to enter in good faith the contract with Olympus, the work can get started.

He went on to explain changes will have to be made to accommodate the therapeutic pool in the bathhouse.

"Hopefully, that can be done shortly," Mayor Wagner said.

Councilman Linda Donovan made the motion to sign the contract with Olympus Construction which passed unanimously.

Contractors and engineers went to the back meeting room to discuss getting the construction started.

Hopkins and the council continued the meeting discussing the cost of paving of parking lots and a new proposed street around the pool. The council is looking into closing the street between the park and swimming pool. They were in agreement they want the swimming pool parking lots and new street paved.

In other business:

*Mayor Wagner said Susie Baker and Linda Donovan will be making plans for the Christmas Parade set for the first Saturday in December. Anyone wanting to help and participate will be welcome.

*Council discussed getting the word out to runners to wear reflective clothing or vests. "We have had some near accidents. The days will be getting shorter and many people are running in the mornings when it is still dark."

*Mayor Wagner announced the bullet proof vests for the police department have been ordered.

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