YCC at work at Big Lake NWR

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
YCC workers build benches at Big Lake NWR

Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge will have 10 new benches placed in different locations thanks to the work of the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC). The YCC has been providing summer help at Big Lake for several years and Refuge Manager Jeremy Bennett complimented the young workers.

This year's crew includes Landon Woody, Zach Reinhart, Hunter Scott, Cobey Williams and Jacob Shumate.

The Youth Conservaton Corps working at Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge assisted in the duck banding project last week. Pictured are Colbey Williams, Landon Woody, Jacob Shutmate, Hunter Scott, and Zach Reinhart.

Big Lake is a huge area and the extra hands are welcome during the summer months. The workers are leaving new benches for visitors to enjoy. One is located in front of the new headquarters; two are near Bright's Trail with a good view, and two at Timms Point. They are still finishing the others benches and will place them in different areas.

In addition to the benches, the workers have helped with clean-up, built snake traps, banded ducks, bat surveys and the extra help was most helpful in moving into the new headquarter building when construction was complete.

The YCC is a federally funded program with the purpose to further the development and maintenance of the natural resources. It also provides constructive training for young men and women giving them the opportunity to work and learn.

Bennett said it is also a good chance for young people who are considering going into the wildlife management field to get hands-on training and see exactly what the job consists of.

This is the fifth consecutive year summer YCC workers to help at Big Lake.

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