Reptiles visit area libraries

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
This visitor at the Manila Library smiled for the camera.

A close up look at the World of Reptiles

Manila, Leachville and Keiser libraries came to life on Monday, July 9, as Holly Taylor, biologist and reptile programmer with the Natural History Educational Company of the Midsouth (NHECM), presented The World of Reptiles.

Children enjoyed a close-up view of an African bullfrog, European legless lizard; a colorful Pueblan milk snake, a red-footed tortoise from the Rain Forest of South America and an Argentine black and white tegu (lizard). The children especially enjoyed a close-up look at the Burmese python, native of Southeast Asia.

Holly shared information on each exhibit including their habitat, food, lifespan, and much more.

Children were given bookmarks featuring the reptiles.

The visit was part of the summer program at the libraries which started in June. The NHECM presented Nocturnal Greatest Hits in June.

The young people enjoyed a close-up view of the reptiles and learning about each one.

NHECM was established in 2005 by Bob Tarter to educate children and give them an opportunity to see nature up close.

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