Young film maker's creation makes the top three

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tanner Smith who writes a movie review for the Delta Crossroads recently was one of the top three finalists in the Ozark Foothills Film Fest competition for 2012 in the short screen play category.

Tanner Smith

Tanner created a Southern Gothic tale he named "Silent Change."

He created the film last summer. He wrote the script and filmed the production using his cousin as the main character. The production takes place in rural Lost Cane. A 14 year old, played by his cousin, does not talk. He embraces the emptiness/inner peace. He has one person to depend on and he doesn't want to put him in danger.

Tanner finished his second year at Arkansas Northeastern College. He plans to transfer to UCA to study digital film.

He became interested and involved in the Ozark Foothills Film Fest during his high school years and enjoys learning from Bob and Judy Pest, founders of the Ozark Foothills Film Fest.

Entries are submitted from all over and Tanner was very pleased for his film to be chosen in the top three.

"Silent Change" can be seen on There are two parts of his production on You Tube, along with the trailer, deleted scenes and bloopers.

The winner was Robyn Young from Atlanta, Ga. Robyn's film is currently in production in Atlanta.

Tanner enjoys writing and feels good about being in the top three. He has had one of his films shown at the Little Rock Film Festival.

He has started working on next year's entry.

In addition to writing movie reviews for the Delta Crossroads magazine, he has written for an independent magazine, Eye On Magazine Independent. Tanner enjoys writing reviews and watches at least one movie every day. ET is his all time favorite but he also enjoys It's a Wonderful Life, Lucas, Back to the Future, and War Eagle in Arkansas, his first review for Delta Crossroads.

Tanner had a small role in an independent film called 45 RPM, by Juli Jackson, a free lance film maker from Paragould. It is a small role and he plays Ted Baker. It is set in Pocahontas and he is working in a laundromat and gives helpful advice to the main characters on their quest.

Tanner said he enjoyed being on the other side of the camera. He was able to see how his characters felt being filmed.

"It takes a while," he said. "It took take after take until we got it right. It was fun, but a lot of work. The film is currently in editing and should be finished in the fall. It will screened in Batesville. It was made through a grant from the Ozark Foothills Film Fest."

Tanner said it takes a while to get a project underway. She had to find a crew, audition, and cast before starting.

"I am not sure if I did that well in the audition or the role in her film may have been a make-up call," Tanner said. "Juli got me a one day job behind the scenes on Toddlers and Tiaras. I did it one full day but it was a painful experience."

Tanner likes to write and he likes to be behind the camera.

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