Buffalo Island School fills positions

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Buffalo Island Central School Board filled positions, approved bonuses, and accepted a resignation at the June 11 meeting.

President Scott Colbert called the meeting to order with all present except Bill Misner and John Field.

Following approval of the minutes, the board voted to approve extended school year services for one special education student with Ms. Susanne Belt, Board Certified Behavior analyst.

The board voted to accept the resignation of Lisa Hale, custodian on the West campus.

The board voted unanimously to hire Sarah Wattigney, junior high special education instructor, and Charla Austin, junior high special education aide. The board voted unanimously to hire Deli Silva as migrant aide for East elementary and junior high school.

The board voted to approve a $300 bonus for all school employees for the 2011-2012 school year.

The board discussed and considered two proposals from the personnel policy committee. The first one increased academic requirements for participation in athletics for seventh and eighth grade students. The board approved the proposal 5-0.

The second proposal would allow the exchange of sick leave days for additional personal days. No action was taken on the proposal.

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