Leachville Class of 1962 holds 50 year reunion

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leachville Class of 1962 held their 50 year reunion at the Wyndham Hotel in North Little Rock on May 4-5.

Attending the 1962 Leachville High School Class reunion are, from left: Front -- Charolette "Keith" Pruitt, Jewell "Layton" Crites, Joyce Ann "Wilson" Northington, Dola "Anthony" Henderson; Madeline "Bridges" Beal, Diane "Honnoll" Rodman. Back -- Tasker Rodman, Paul Wildy, Richard Tilley, Jack Hawkins, Jimmy Thweatt, Charles Tilley, Larry Towell, Charles Taylor, Jackye "Shipley" Finch. (photo provided/Jack Hawkins.)

They gathered for an evening of reminiscing and catching up as each class member told what they had been doing for the last 50 years.

The restaurant, The Riverfront Steakhouse, located at the Wyndham prepared a special souvenir menu with "Leachville Class of 1962 Reunion" printed across the top with the the menu selection and prices.

Classmate Dola Anthony Henderson spearheaded the reunion. Classmates expressed their appreciation to her for the good job she did and elected her in charge of the next reunion to be held in five years. She was assisted by Madeline Bridges Beal.

Classmates and guests attending were Dola (Frank) Henderson of Atkins, Ark.; Jack (Retha) Hawkins, Leachville; Madeline (Bob) Beal, Austin, Ark.; Charles (Ellie) Tilley, Harriet, Ark.; Charolette "Keith" Pruitt, Bella Vista, Ark.; Larry (Frankie) Towell, Manila; Jim (Ellen) Thweatt, Westphalia, Kansas; Jewel (Bob) Crites, Leachville; Charles (Ruth Ann) Taylor, Paragould; Paul (Rita) Wildy, Leachville; Richard Tilley and Tommie Jackson, Elizabeth, Ark.; Tasker (Mary Lou) Rodman, Little Rock, Ark.; Joyce (Dickie) Northington, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Michelle Northington, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Jackye Shipley Finch, Little Rock; and Diane Honnell Rodman, Little Rock.

A memory table was placed in honor of deceased classmates. Howard Funeral Service of Leachville and Manila prepared special cards in memory of classmates Alan Cole, Brenda "Garrison" Roach, Bonita Gleghorn, Jeannine McHaney, Linda "Bogart" Williams, Everett Rodgers, Ronnie Reagan, Dennis Ellis, Hazel Wilborn, Linda Jones, Morris Finley, Carolyn "Harrell" Oliver and Jimmy Wisner.

The Leachville Class of 1962 had a lot of memories to share and Jack Hawkins helped by displaying memorabilia from their high school years when they were known as the Leachville Lions.

Leachville senior class officers for the year of 1962 were Jack Hawkins, vice president and representative; Micki Hodges, secretary; Brice Weinberg, president; Bonita Gleghorn, Sgt. At Arms; Paul Wildy, historian; Ronnie Reagon, treasurer; Jimmy Thweatt, reporter; Earl Green, Sgt. at Arms.

Elected as 1962 senior class favorites were Nelldene Goodwin and Jimmy Thweatt. There were 40 graduates with Brice Weinberg and Jeannine McHaney elected as Mr. and Miss Leachville High School 1962.

Charles Tilley got the most grandchildren award with 10 and Madelyn Bridges Beal received the award for the most children with four.

Jimmy Thweatt traveled the farthest, 420 miles, to attend the reunion.

The group agreed the classmate who changed the least was Larry Towell.

Classmates met for breakfast and more visiting and again discussed how fast the 50 years had passed since the days of basketball games, cheerleading, FFA and FHA meetings, choir, band, and walking the halls at LHS. It was good memories shared by good friends.

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