Monette Council OKs new animal ordinance

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monette City Council repealed an animal ordinance to allow school students to keep certain animals inside the city limits if they meet regulation requirements.

Mayor Chub Qualls asked alderman Jason Stewart to report on the council committee study to provide a repeal to the existing animal ordinance concerning limitations of animals inside the city limits. The council agreed the city does not wish to restrict possession of certain animals, if proper safeguards are met.

After a brief discussion at the Monday, March 19 meeting, the council declared an emergency and passed Ordinance 2012-2 on the third and final reading

The ordinance repeal will allow swine, horses, mules, cows, sheep, goats and fowl (including but not limited to chickens, geese, and pigeons) to be kept within the corporate limits of the City of Monette, when the animals are kept as a pet or for a 4-H, FFA, school vocational program, or some other similar program subject to prior restrictions. There may be one animal for every person living in the home of an owner or occupant of a qualifying property. Enclosure fencing is required, along with shelter to house animals. Enclosure shall be no closer than 200 feet in any direction to any business or personal dwelling. Enclosure shall be offset a minimum of 200 feet from the nearest city street, avenue, alley, county road, utility easement, or state highway.

The Buffalo Island Central school system property shall be exempt from the animal ordinance.

A new 2012 fully equipped Dodge Charger has arrived and is in use by the Police Department. A 2006 equipped Dodge Charger police car was also purchased from the City of Leachville for $8,000. The 2007 Dodge Charger will be put on part-time use, as it has 82,000 driven miles.

Current Dog Catcher Bill Benham will be allowed to answer calls to pick up dogs, while on city duty, and is requested to use a city truck. Benham will be allowed to enlarge the dog pound after hours and will be paid $10 per hour for his work. Records will be kept of out of compliance dogs, so warnings can be issued and copies of ordinance can be delivered before further action is taken.

The council discussed the current service agreement that charges cities in Craighead County for Emergency 911 usage.

The council approved $250 for use by the DARE program.

Alderman Tom Carroll gave an updated report on work needed at the city's water plant and replacement or rebuilding water pumps.

Fire Chief Bob Blankenship reported on plans to convert fire equipment into a CAFS foam system. Plans are to also update the present water tanker truck.

Blankenship requested that fencing be placed around the old water tower, with possible grant funds, since the tower is on the National Historic Register.

The council discussed cable rates and will make inquiries to obtain more information. They will ask a representative from Ritter Communications to attend the April council meeting.

Alderman Dick Pace reported new windows had been installed at the American Legion building on Drew Avenue.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 7 p.m. Monday, April 16, at city hall.

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