Caraway Council awards bid to Dedman's Sanitation

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Caraway Mayor Barry Riley opened garbage service bids at the March 8 city council meeting. The current contract with Delta Sanitation will expire April 12.

Representatives from Dedman's Sanitation in Bay and Disposal Solutions in Jonesboro were present. After a brief discussion and review of each company's bid, the city council voted to accept the bid from Dedman's Sanitation for $12 per customer, per month. Dedmans will service the entire city in one day each week, do two clean-sweeps per year, and provide extra dumpsters for July 4th.

"We have been in business for 35 years," Jim Dedman said, "and currently pick up garbage in Black Oak, Lake City and Brookland. We will try our best to please the city with our service. The years on our contract will be up to you. We also pay a 5 percent turnback fee to the city."

Per request, Dedman agreed to notify the city if for any reason they would not be in Caraway on their regular pick-up day.

Upon the agreement, either the city or Dedman's is to give a 90 day notice if there are plans to discontinue the service agreement.

Mayor Riley read a letter from Ronnie Junyor expressing his appreciation for the Mayor and Police Chief Pete Hicks for the recent arrest and follow-up of three criminals.

Riley expressed his gratitude to Gary Meadows for securing a flag pole from the Craighead Fairgrounds property in Jonesboro for the Caraway Cemetery.

The new electronic sign is in place on the city hall property and is being programmed for use. It will display time and temperature as well as city messages.

The council discussed purchasing a new commercial base mower and reviewed several options. They selected a John Deere mower with 72 inch cut and diesel motor, listed at $14,019.

An incoming GIF grant for $15,000 will be used for the purchase of bleachers to be assembled on site.

A new grant is being reviewed to enable the city to build a new fire department building. Mayor Riley will be working to secure the grant.

A request was made for repair on holes in the alley between San Francisco and North Tucker Streets. Mayor Riley agreed to see if dirt could be put in holes to relieve the problem.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6 p.m. Thursday, April 12, at city hall.

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