Manila Business Advisory Board meeting held

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Manila Middle and Senior FBLA Advisers, Heath Hawkins and Tonia Eubanks, held a meeting with the Business Advisory Board on Wednesday. Members of the Advisory Board attending were Angel Farmer, Danny Robbins, David Shedd, Shelly Barley and Revis Blaylock.

Manila Business Advisory Board members are, from left: Angel Farmer, Revis Blaylock, David Shedd, Danny Robbins, and Shelly Barley; Manila FBLA Advisers Tonia Eubanks and Heath Hawkins.

The purpose of the advisory committee is to offer input and suggestions on what students need to prepare them for future employment.

Each board member was asked to discuss what technology needs and skills they look for in potential employees.

Board members reviewed the course study offerings in business education for this year and the coming year.

They discussed technology needs, equipment and software trends, what skills they look for in potential employees and offered suggestions.

Hawkins said Keyboarding Explorations are being offered in a sixth grade rotation this year. He said many schools across Arkansas are looking at moving keyboarding to earlier grades. Hawkins mentioned with the movement toward the Comon Core curriculum, testing will be technology driven.

"Elementary students in the fourth and fifth grades may be asked to key documents," he said. "We will know more over the next couple of years."

Eubanks said the program of study in information technology changes continually and is moving into digital communication. There is a move into the audio/video.

She said over 30 students in the Manila High School FBLA, FFA, and FACS will attend a completer's ceremony at ASU this week. They will be treated to a lunch and each will receive a medallion and a certificate for being a completer.

The advisers asked the business leaders what technical skills they look for in potential employees.

Suggestions from the board included stressing work ethics, teaching the correct 10 key skills, telephone etiquette, job interview training, communication skills, starting a shadowing program for students into the community businesses, public speaking, and being able to present a Power Point presentation.

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