Leachville Council passes ordinances

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Leachville City Council passed a new Dangerous Animal Ordinance, False Alarm System Ordinance, and accepted the resignation of a police officer at the city council meeting Monday, Feb. 13.

Mayor Sheila Spurlock reviewed the two new city ordinances up for approval.

The council declared an emergency and passed Dangerous Animal Ordinance 2012-1 on all three readings. The new ordinance defined dangerous animal, provided for control of animals, and the monetary penalties for non-compliance. The new ordinance will be posted for 30 days before going into effect.

The council declared an emergency and passed Alarm System Regulations Ordinance 2012-2 on the third and final reading. The ordinance defines a legal alarm system, false alarm penalties malfunctions, and intentional misuse. A $100 fine will be levied for alarms requiring assistance that are not in compliance with ordinance.

Police Chief Keith Evans announced the resignation of police officer John Steed last month, and the acceptance of applications to fill that vacancy.

"We are looking for an officer and have already had three or four applications turned in," Evans said.

Street Department Supervisor Dickie Coburn reported repairs have been made this past month, and employees have been picking up limbs.

Council member Teresa Johnson reported the mail out list for annual fire dues has been updated and mailed by the fire department.

"We had 20 medical calls this past month and one grass fire," Johnson said.

The water department report was given by Robert Ballard.

"We need a pump at Cottonwood Point," Ballard said. "That one was installed in 1999."

The council moved to make the purchase and install a pump.

Ballard also asked for clarification concerning the repair of sewer lines and using the backhoe.

"I can't lay sewer lines as I am not a licensed plumber," Ballard said. "I was told that when the back hoe was used by individuals for water or sewer lines it had to be rented."

The council supported Ballard on understanding about repairs and use of city equipment.

Elroy Brown, member of the Mississippi County Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Arkansas, addressed the council and proposed banning of smoking at the city park and the hazards of second hand and third hand smoke in public places. Brown passed out a book entitled "Secondhand Smoke. What it means to you," from the Surgeon General about the health consequences of involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke. Brown also passed out copies of a proposed city ordinance prohibiting smoking of all types of tobacco, prohibiting the use of smokeless tobacco including chewing tobacco, snuff and any other tobacco products.

"My goal is that Mississippi County can join the rest of Arkansas in becoming a tobacco-free state," Brown said. "So far Gosnell, Blytheville, Luxora and Osceola have joined in the campaign to ban smoking in their city parks. No longer can people smoke at the zoo in Little Rock and many other places across the state. We need to provide a safe environment for the family unit."

Mayor Spurlock thanked Brown for attending and explaining the proposal. The council tabled the decision to act on the request at this time.

Eddie Bolar of Bolar Sanitation addressed the council concerning an increase for his services.

"I am requesting a $1 per customer increase from the city," Bolar said. "It is now $9 and it would go up to $10. The surrounding cities run from $8 to $15 per month. The labor and fuel has gone up, as well as the cost at the landfill."

After a brief discussion the council voted to increase collections by $1 per household, starting with the March bill.

The council approved the $8,500 needed to tear down and rebuild the "Welcome to Leachville" sign on Highway 18.

Theatre Restoration Committee Chairman Rick Collier reported on costs for repair or replacement of the theatre roof.

"I had a construction engineer look at the roof, and he suggested an alternative to replacing the roof," Collier said. "He suggested using the water proof membrane application that is being used on the BIC West Elementary roof and the new hospital in Jonesboro."

After a brief discussion the council agreed to talk with contractors and get more bids on the application of a membrane roof.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6 p.m. Monday, March 12, at city hall.

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