Retired teachers and staff welcomed back

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Retired teachers and staff from Manila Public Schools were honored Tuesday, Feb. 14, with a luncheon. Pictured are, from left: Seated -- Betty Bruce, Mary Lou Deaton, Vada Adkins, Zetta White, Doris Berry, Willie Whitney, and Morris Simpson. Standing -- Jessie Ashabranner, Jeanette McCormick, Carol Deaton, Vickie Yates, Pam Chipman and Betty Vandivor.

Manila High School FTA organization sponsored the annual retired teachers luncheon Tuesday, Feb. 14. The tables were decorated in the Valentine's Day motif.

Students, under the direction of teachers, Gerri McCann and Sarah Pemberton, served lunch and welcomed retired teachers and staff.

Retirees attending included Carol Deaton, teacher 33 years; Betty Bruce, cafeteria staff 17 years; Jessie Ashabranner, aid 20 years; Jeanette McCormick, bus driver and substitute teacher 22 years; Doris Berry, teacher 25 years; Vada Adkins, teacher 27 years; Mary Lou Deaton, cafeteria staff 20 years; Zetta White, teacher 34 years; Willie Whitney, teacher 48 years and still serving as substitute teacher; Betty Vandivor, custodian 29 years; Vickie Yates, teacher 32 years; Morris Simpson, bus driver and maintenance 18 years; Pam Chipman, choir director and high school principal 31 years.

Former co-workers and students stopped by the table to say hello and welcome the retired staff back to Manila.

Following the lunch, several of the retired staff enjoyed a tour of the new Justin Veach Elementary School building.

Several of the teachers said they had not visited the school since the cafeteria was renovated and enlarged or the elementary building had been constructed.

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