Caraway police officer introduced

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mayor Barry Riley reported at the Jan. 12 city council meeting that $2,240 had been received from Basler Electric, as restitution for the 62 hours of property lawn care done by the city.

"We will bill them monthly, when we start mowing again this year," Riley said. "I recommend that we put the money in the Street Fund."

The council approved the recommendation, as equipment replacements are needed.

Police Chief Pete Hicks introduced new police officer Kevin Tucker, who was hired Jan. 1. Tucker is a certified officer, previously employed by the City of Blytheville.

Mayor Riley commended the police force for doing a great job during the time they were operating the department without a full slate of full-time officers.

The council declared an emergency and passed Ordinance 2012-1 on all three readings. The ordinance revised the 2011 budget.

The 2012 city budget was approved with the passage of Ordinance 2012-2, on all three readings also.

"The receipt of the new city sales tax money was not included on the 2012 budget," Riley said. "We may not receive it until June or July. Rick (Stevens) and I cashed in a $27,000 certificate of deposit so we could make it through May."

Mayor Riley proposed the marquee in front of city hall be replaced, using $5,000 of GIF money and $8,000 from the Factory Account. Three marquee bids were obtained, with a full color LED message center listed at $13,051.86 from Hinson Display Signs in Blytheville.

"The replacement of the marquee sign would allow us to keep the public informed as to what is happening in the city," Riley said, "and it can be programmed from inside the water office."

"This will bring us out of the stone age and be an asset to the city," Alderman Mark Bell said.

The council approved the purchase.

A proposal from the Budget Committee recommended paying off the 2002 fire truck early in order to save $3,500 in interest. After the payment there would be a balance in the Fire Department Act 833 fund of $11,000. The council approved the early pay off, in order to realize a savings in interest.

Alderman Bo James announced his resignation as fire chief, citing time constraints as the reason.

"You need someone who can sit in there and do the job," said James.

Mayor Riley and other council members expressed their appreciation to James and the good job he had done as chief.

Riley announced the volunteer firemen had chosen Scotty Browning as their choice for new fire chief. The council unanimously approved Browning as chief.

The council discussed the 2012 garbage collection contract and letter sent to Delta Environmental listing intent to not renew the contract for 2012.

"We will be getting bids in February and accept them at the March meeting," Riley said.

The council discussed the sale of the city's dump truck as scrap metal. An employee from TRG has agreed to transport the truck to Jonesboro. The revenue from sale of the truck will be used to purchase three life vests for city policemen.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 9, at at city hall.

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