Manila youth complex becoming a reality

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Manila building will house pitching machines, nets, basketball goal, walking area and more.

Building 100 at the Manila Municipal Airport is being transformed into a youth sports complex. The open hangar was closed-in to make a great place for area youth to practice inside year round.

It will have batting cages, softball and baseball pitching machines, a basketball area, a hitting area, a walking track and more.

The building is 150 feet long and 70 feet wide.

The City of Manila and the Manila Youth Association partnered in the project to utilize the building to benefit the area youth as well as all citizens.

For over 20 years the building has not been totally utilized.

The new complex will offer something for all ages including adult exercise groups; youth ball teams; the high school baseball and softball teams; and individuals.

Eventually, it could be available to rent for birthday parties or team parties.

The baseball machine will throw 40 to 85 MPH and the softball machine will throw up to 55 MPH.

Turf taken up from ASU's end zones was donated and it is being placed inside the cages.

The walking track around the building was measured and 15 laps will be a mile.

Mayor Wayne Wagner and the council members have been working on activities for the senior citizens and area youth.

"We want to do every thing we can to make our community more desirable for people to move to our area," Mayor Wagner said. "The city council members and I are working hard to give more to our citizens from our youth to our senior citizens."

Wagner said they are working to get the building available in time for the high school softball and baseball season.

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