Manila City Council discusses pool sites

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner and council members welcomed comments from guests at a special called meeting Monday, Dec. 5. The informal meeting was called to address possible sites for the swimming pool/water park project.

Larry Miller said he moved to Manila in 2003 and lives near the park.

"I enjoy the park where it is," Miller said. "There is limited parking."

Miller asked the council to make the pool and park visible where people can see it.

Earl Jackson said he agreed with Mr. Miller.

"Manila needs the pool," Jackson said. "I've lived here 19 years and swimming pool has been the talk for 19 years. I am glad to know you are pushing it. You were talking about locating it off County Road 314 west of Southworth. We have had several accidents, some fatalities right there. We can expect more accidents with more traffic. We also get prevailing winds and dust storms in that area which might cause filter problems. Also, farmers are spraying chemicals in the area. I think it could be negative to place the pool in that location."

Bill Hill said he didn't have a comment, he was just interested on where the pool was going to be placed. He also said it needed to be where people could see it.

"Anywhere we place the pool, we will have to deal with the wind problem," Councilman Tony Hawkins said. "It will have to be landscaped to help prevent it."

Jerry Hitchcock said he thought the pool should be placed back in the present park where there are trees. He said he thought it would be easier to move the ball park and place the pool at the park.

"I think with Southworth being the main intersection it would not be a good place," Hitchcock said. "We've been to other places where they make a ball park out in the middle of a field. We will never grow trees in our lifetime like the ones at the park."

"In the Southworth area the pool would be visible and eye-catching," Councilman Dale Murphy said. "The location is not cut and dry."

Hill said the drainage would need to be considered. He also asked about the area south of the golf course.

"Behind Sanduskys would be a perfect spot," Hitchcock said.

Wagner said the city will need to look at where the dollars will go.

"We don't want to have to spend a lot of money on utilities, sewer system, and roads," Wagner said.

Miller said he could envision the golf course, swimming pool, and tennis courts.

Hitchcock asked if the money in the account could be used to purchase land.

"We have talked about that and the money will probably be needed for maintenance and operation," Wagner said.

Councilman Jason Baltimore said it is hopeful the swimming pool will open by Memorial Day 2013.

Hitchcock asked if the council is prepared with two sites in case the first one fails.

Mayor Wagner thanked everyone for their input and invited them back to the Dec. 19 meeting. He said the engineers will have an estimate on the cost difference in locating the theraputic pool near the community center seperate from the outside pool.

"We should have more details by then," Mayor Wagner said.

Wagner told the council to look at Building 100 at the airport. The old hangar is being turned into an inside sports complex with nets, batting cages, etc. He said they will be looking for volunteers to put equipment together.

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